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Current vacancies

AI System Software Engineer


Mathpresso, with the goal of achieving equality of educational opportunities through technology, operates problem-solution search platform called 'QandA', which uses AI technology to recognize problem images as text (OCR) and provide appropriate solutions. We have acquired over 100,000 searches per day and 3 million problem-solution set. In the past three months, we are at 2nd place on the Google PlayStore educational popularity charts, and have been selected as a 'Hidden Gem' by Google Play. Also, we received an investment from one of the global top tier VC, Softbank Ventures Korea.

Our team consists of young members on average 27 years old, who are free and challenging. We are working under the goal of creating the best problem-solution search platform for solving education with AI. We are becoming the leading education IT platform in Korea and are aiming to become a Global No.1 Edtech company.

If you are with us, you will join the R&D team and have the opportunity to learn, explore and adapt AI technology from an educational point of view.

  - Develop, improve and operate multi-lingual (Hangul, English, Mathematical formula) optical character recognition (OCR) module based on deep learning.
  - Develop text analysis technology with natural language processing (NLP)
  - Plan, design, develop and operate some parts that can be improved by machine learning (problem classification, recommendation, etc.)
  - Analyze and research on the latest deep learning technology


Minimum Qualifications
  - Proficient in at least one programming language such as C, C++, Python, etc.
  - Develop or research on image processing through CNN
  - Good communication skills

Preferred Qualifications
  - Anyone who have experience in distributing and operating deep-learning based services.
  - Anyone who has published a paper on machine learning.
  - Anyone who have experience in natural language processing (NLP) through machine learning
  - Anyone who have experience with image preprocessing (using OpenCV or direct implementation)
  - MS / Ph.D degree holders


Position Type/Expected Hours of Work
  - This is a full-time position (Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day)

Hiring Process
  - Documents screening > 1st round Interview > 2nd round interview > Job offer

  - Even if you have little experience with ML, if you think it is Fast Learner, you can join together enough.
  - The company is located in Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, the most rising hot place, and offers coffee, snacks, lunches and dinners (restaurant visits).
  - ML server including GTX 1080Ti, Laptop and other equipment is supported.
  - Provide industry-average cash benefits and options that allow a sufficient level of cash flow if the company continues to exist in Ontrack.
  - If you join as a Fast Learner, you can have a probationary period of one to three months.

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