Providing the most effective
education for all.
The most relevant educational content
Accessible anytime, anywhere
At a reasonable price
Personalized education is the most effective in learning.
However, a teacher cannot stay by a student's side all the time. Not every student can enjoy the benefits of 1-on-1 private tutoring.
We are striving to solve this problem by building a personalized education platform with software.
This will push us closer to realizing our mission:
"Providing the most effective education for all"
Every student is different, but education is standardized
Everyone has their own way of learning.
Key concepts that need extra explanation and helpful practice problems
are different for each student.
However, students take the same classes and solve the same practice questions.
It's the downside of our standardized education system.
Learning - personalized just for you
Imagine an app that answers your question
and provides key concepts and practice problems most helpful to you.
We're creating an education search platform which does just that.
Even the best lecturers online and private education institutions cannot provide personalized education.
Focusing on what 'you' need to know and solve is the most effective way of learning.
Taking the same class and solving the same questions as everyone else are not enough.
Improving the quality of education
With our educational search platform, students can study as if they have a private tutor by their side 24/7.
Providing equal educational opportunities
We envision a better future where every student can learn most effectively and access the best educational content.
Segmenting and connecting
the world's educational content
Segmenting and
connecting the
world's educational
"To create an educational search platform, we need to segment and connect the world's education content."
Change won't happen overnight.
We're building the future we dream of step by step.
VER 1.0
Q&A and solution-search service
Instantly providing the solution with just a snap of a question photo.
Obtaining question and solution data
VER 2.0
Education content platform
Providing key concepts and practice problems most relevant to the question.
Obtaining educational content
VER 3.0
Personalized education search platform
Beyond providing key concepts and practice problems most relevant to the question - recommending additional key concepts and problems to master based on students' learning status.
Obtaining students' learning data